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Our Relationship with Budgens
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We are one of an increasing number of Budgens shops that were once corporate but are now are franchised. We make use of Budgen’s product range and sophisticated supply chain facilities and in return we promise to enhance the Budgens brand by adhering to their quality standards. Our independence, the freedom this affords and Budgens franchise model allows us to tailor our service to the area that we serve as well as bring on board our own ideas and suppliers but, at the same time, benefit from the support, products and supply infrastructure of Budgens.

Being Independent means the store can adapt to its local area as opposed to impose on an area as is the case when a large chain supermarket arrives in a town. We are free to engage with the community and make decisions for ourselves including choosing which suppliers to use. There's no deferring to central office. This has resulted a huge range of high quality local produce. For our store to be successful its down to us to make it successful which means we are motivated to do everything possible to make our store a great fit with the shoppers of Bedgrove and surrounding areas.
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